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Finish your basement, watch your home’s value rise

Bridget Alves - Monday, July 20, 2015

Unfinished basements are so common in homes that most people don’t even realize that an unfinished basement is a thing (hint: it is). So, what is it, you ask? Let’s start with what it’s not. The term “unfinished” doesn’t mean that the basement has dirt floors or walls that need to be completed. The basement has been completely built. What “unfinished” means is that the basement is not fit to be used as living space. This can include, but is not limited to, concrete floors, brick or cinder block walls, and exposed pipes in the ceiling. 

Bare-bones basements like this are often used for utilitarian purposes, such as extra storage space or an out-of-the-way place to put the washer and drier. A finished basement, though, will add a great deal of variety to the things the additional space can be used for, such as a guest room, a home office, gym, etc. When someone is interested in buying a home, the square footage is one of the most important factors – especially the “finished” square footage. The more room there is, the more interested a party is likely to be. On your side of the deal, the more room you have to offer, the higher the asking price. 

Window boxes add to curb appeal

Bridget Alves - Monday, July 13, 2015

The first thing someone sees when they’re viewing a home they might want to purchase is going to be a frontal view from the curb. A well-kept lawn and clean appearance is a must for anyone serious about selling their home. However, there are some things you can do to make your home look even more appealing to prospective buyers; one of which being the addition of window boxes.

It should be noted that even though they’re called “window” boxes, they can be added to other places you feel may need some livening up. Flower boxes can be put on fences, deck railings or anywhere you feel could use a bit of color and character. 

What do window boxes add to a home? They can add color, depth and charm to what would normally be a dimensionless, drab exterior. The color that planting flowers will bring will not only enhance the appearance of your home to those on the outside looking in, but to those on the inside looking out as well, since the colorful flowers will be seen any time someone looks out the windows. The boxes themselves can even be painted to complement or contrast the colors outside the home (and the flowers growing in them).

Since you plan to sell the home anyway, you needn’t worry much about the extra care and maintenance involved in adding window boxes to your home. Just make sure you pick colorful, vibrant flowers that all have similar moisture and light requirements, or you might end up with some flowers living and some dead before too long. Water them according to their specifications and once your home is sold, it will be up to the new owners to decide whether or not to keep them.

How to use social media to help sell your home

Bridget Alves - Monday, July 06, 2015



For some folks, social media is a way to keep in touch with family and friends both near and far. For others, social media offers a way to connect with colleagues and peers in the business world. 


Social media can be used for more than just keeping in touch with people. It’s home to a captive audience, and with a little finesse, it can be a fantastic platform to help you sell your home. 


The easiest thing you can do is to simply link on Facebook. By posting online that your home is for sale and providing a link to the listing, you’ll expand your visibility. Everyone on your friends list will be able to see it. Additionally, it will be easy for them to forward the listing to their friends, and their friends’ friends as well. The more prospective home buyers you can get to see your listing, the better.


Twitter and Instagram can also be used to great effect. You can provide photographs and short videos of the home that, like Facebook, can be seen and passed along. 


YouTube is another resource. Making and posting short videos can help those who are shopping for a new home to get to see the people they would be buying from, eroding the veil of secrecy and planting the oh-so-important seeds of trust. Bonus points if you can post a video that’s funny.


The ease of using social media can lead to overusing it. Have you ever seen people who post pictures of everything they eat or drink every day? While it’s up to you to post as much as you want on your personal page, you want to be wary of over-posting when you’re trying to sell your home. Keep your posts short, to the point, and don’t post repetitively. When people see someone posting the same thing over and over again, they’re far more likely to ignore it.

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