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Quickly enhance your home’s value with landscaping

Bridget Alves - Monday, June 13, 2016

The word “value” has a literal definition and an abstract one. The first, obvious definition of value is the amount of real, actual money your home is worth. The second definition is going to be how much appreciation a buyer holds in their mind regarding what they’re purchasing. It might seem like an increase in one always results in an increase in the other - but that isn’t always the case!

For example, let’s take two homes for sale right next door to each other. These homes are identical in every way with the exception that one has a swimming pool and the other does not. The home with a pool is likely going to be somewhat more expensive than the one without, because the pool makes it more valuable. However, a savvy buyer will look at a swimming pool and see the future increases in their monthly utility bills, and the amount of work it takes to maintain a pool, and may ultimately decide to purchase the other home. In this scenario, the presence of the pool raised the market value of the home, but decreased the mental value in the mind of the seller.

So, what can you do to increase the market value of your home and also make it more enticing to buyers? Landscaping! The great thing about landscaping is that it’s relatively easy to add things to your yard that make it more appealing, while at the same time being easy to change if the buyer isn’t too keen on your design. Removing unwanted shrubs, flowers, and even trees, can be done over the course of a weekend. The new owners can then replace the landscaping with something more appealing to them, or simply leave the front lawn as nothing more than green grass.

Removing an unwanted swimming pool, however, isn’t really an option. The removal of a swimming pool would be a nightmare and result in a giant, gaping pit in its place. Keeping the pool and not using it can still be a hassle because water and debris will collect in the bottom and, over time, turn into icky green sludge. Covering the pool can slow the process, but experience shows that water always finds a way in there somehow.

Some advice to help sell your home fast

Bridget Alves - Monday, January 25, 2016

The decision on the part of a buyer to purchase a home can depend on a number of things like the home’s location, its relative value, and the phase of the moon (hey, we don’t judge!). With so many things out of your control, there are only so many things that you, as a home seller, can do to speed up the sale of your home. That being said, here are a few things you can do that are designed to help your home sell as fast as possible.


Price the house right from the outset

Those who price their homes for more than they’re worth, with the intention of playing the haggling game with prospective buyers are shooting themselves in the foot if they want to sell their home quickly. Savvy buyers (or those with the help of a real estate agent) are going to notice that the home is priced higher than it should be, and be able to see right away what the seller’s strategy is. In cases like this, some buyers will either attempt to lowball the owner, or forego making an offer altogether. When you price your home for what it’s actually worth from the get go, you’re not only offering the home at a fair price, but it creates an air of trust and honesty between you and the would-be buyer.


Enhance the curb appeal

The first thing a prospective buyer is going to see is the outside of your home, so make that first impression a good one by giving the lawn a little TLC. Whether you decide go the distance by re-sodding the grass, planting flowers, and adding new paint and fixtures will be up to you, but unless your yard is already immaculate, giving it some attention may go a long way.


De-clutter and de-personalize the interior
You don’t necessarily need to get all of your things out of the home before you sell it, but make it a point to get rid of the unnecessary pieces of furniture. Things like end tables, bookshelves, night stands, dressers, etc. All of these can go. Additionally, remove personal items like photographs, paintings or whatever else you have decorating the home. You want to give prospective buyers the opportunity to envision their own items in the home, not yours.
No matter what you do, there’s no guarantee that a home will sell fast, but by following the examples above, you won’t be hurting your chances any. Also, make sure you’re familiar with the local market and speak with a real estate agent if you have any questions.

Window boxes add to curb appeal

Bridget Alves - Monday, July 13, 2015

The first thing someone sees when they’re viewing a home they might want to purchase is going to be a frontal view from the curb. A well-kept lawn and clean appearance is a must for anyone serious about selling their home. However, there are some things you can do to make your home look even more appealing to prospective buyers; one of which being the addition of window boxes.

It should be noted that even though they’re called “window” boxes, they can be added to other places you feel may need some livening up. Flower boxes can be put on fences, deck railings or anywhere you feel could use a bit of color and character. 

What do window boxes add to a home? They can add color, depth and charm to what would normally be a dimensionless, drab exterior. The color that planting flowers will bring will not only enhance the appearance of your home to those on the outside looking in, but to those on the inside looking out as well, since the colorful flowers will be seen any time someone looks out the windows. The boxes themselves can even be painted to complement or contrast the colors outside the home (and the flowers growing in them).

Since you plan to sell the home anyway, you needn’t worry much about the extra care and maintenance involved in adding window boxes to your home. Just make sure you pick colorful, vibrant flowers that all have similar moisture and light requirements, or you might end up with some flowers living and some dead before too long. Water them according to their specifications and once your home is sold, it will be up to the new owners to decide whether or not to keep them.

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